30 Aug 2012

I am working with three dolls at the moment 
and we have been having great trouble deciding on one of the basics,
 hair colour.

So many discussions, maybe this, maybe that.

Yesterday I walked down to the Post Office, between showers of torrential rain.
 The street was lined with pink blossom trees.

This morning the decision was made. 
After all, it's almost spring in totally terrific Tassie

Oh and don't forget the give away dolly  if you haven't already entered, it will be drawn tomorrow.

all the photos are from my garden, from last spring

3 Responses to “decided”

  1. Such beautiful flowers,Jenny Wren.!! How can I buy one of your dolls without winning an auction.?? I'd buy one straight up.!!! Thank you.!!!

    1. Hi Nancy, and thank you. Most of my dolls go into my Etsy shop I preview them here on my blog and also on my facebook page

  2. Sooooo pretty! I think pink is a beautiful color for hair. :o)


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