15 Jul 2012

This is Tilly, a little girl I am working on at the moment


She is part of a collaboration with one of my  dollmaking colleagues and you can read all about their adventure over here.

Tilly ( Matilda Jane Elizabeth Constance)

4 Responses to “Tilly”

  1. I love Tilly's dress. I had an Aunty Tilly born about 1900 and she was very glamorous. She used to have the cake make up and she would spit in the black cake and paint killer arches over her eyebrows and she would do her hair in those clamps of the 1930s that gave little waves to the hair dos. She would place her long arms just languidly so...

  2. So cute! Our blog Wind in the Willows boys are in France (I think!) and then they go to Australia and last to New Zealand before they return to me in Denver! It's been so fun!
    Tilly is beautiful! I especially love her pink cheeks, Jenny!

  3. I love Tilly's tiny button nose which adds to her cute character and her unruly hair. She is just gorgeous!

  4. Tilly is just precious! I love very detail, including her wonderful frock. She is just so delicate and sweet but with an air of adventure about her.


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