Tilly and Heloise

25 Jul 2012


Waldorf or Steiner dolls are made by people all over the world even though its origins are in northern Europe.
Through the magic of the internet I have met dollmakers from many different countries. 

Tilly ( Matilda Jane Elizabeth Constance)

I am making a little doll, her name is Tilly and she is part of a collaboration with Winter of Winterludes dolls.
 Winter lives in Paris, France, I live in Launceston, Tasmania. 
We met on Facebook.
 We are  both making dolls, cousin dolls Tilly and Heloise who are getting set for a great adventure. 
  You can read more about their adventures on their special Facebook page A Most Wonderful Vacation


One Response to “Tilly and Heloise”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun...I always enjoy seeing your beautiful dolls....yours are some of the best made I have seen...blessings


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