6 Jul 2012

Reading this book with my morning tea today.
My sister is going to France next year and I am very jealous.

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  1. Hi Jenny! I wish you could go with her!

  2. Lucky sister. I'd be happy just to go to WA so I could watch the tour de France at a reasonable hour.

    cheers Kate

  3. France would be lovely! Glad to "see" you here in this space again!3

  4. I agree it is so lovely to "see" you here again. All of a sudden I had lots of posts from you pop up, so I have been catching up.
    Maybe it's time to plan for a special trip to France? It never hurts to have long term plans, it gives you time to save & plan exactly what to see & where to go.
    My husband & I kept saying for many years we would like to travel, but of course family & business commitments came first for a long time. Then one day my husband said "we keep delaying going overseas and making excuses why we can't go, we need to set a date to travel and plan for it." So we did make plans & saved and the 'special' date we set was for my 50th. We still marvel at the amazing places we visited & wonderful memories we have of our holiday in Italy.


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