snap and shiver

7 Jun 2012


Brave little Nita decided that even though the grass was crunchy and frozen she would go ahead and have her photo taken.


She had to sit on a little quilt though because it really was cold, about -1C.


She was so grateful for her warm little boots
 but her bottom was freezing so we decided to move location.


Nita very quickly jumped up onto the old wooden seat.


Smile for the camera


Oh is that the sun just starting to  try to warm up our little world


Let's go inside, OK.


Can I sit here near the fire?

No, better hop up into the chair out of harms way.


Nita is a 17" Sweet Child garden sprite.

She is wearing a cosy corduroy smock top, pretty pixie trousers and warm snuggly boots. Her hair is a Tibetan lambskin wig and it is held out of her eyes with a knitted head band. her hair is fully styleable.

Nita will be available in my Etsy shop tonight at 10.30pm

3 Responses to “snap and shiver”

  1. I like her little nose! Your dollies are as lovely as ever Jenny, mmmm I must make another one....


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