26 Jun 2012

The boys are home for mid semester break, Stephen is home on holidays, poor old Katie is still heading off to school each day but the rest are all sloth and sleep ins.

The house is full to bursting.
 I never realise how much my little work area has s-p-r-e-a-d until the boys come home.

We have had birthday week  which was mixed with exams so the boys were not here and now we have to make up for it this week with plenty of treats.

And it's cold.
 It's really cold, there is snow about and though the sun is bright and cheery it only lifts the spirits not the temperature.

And, for your reading pleasure the lovely Dolce Domum is back and writing beautifully , just like the old days.

Oh and Maggie has decided that this little doll, sent to me by my friend Deb, is her very best friend and where one sleeps so must the other it seems.

6 Responses to “Hello”

  1. lovely to see you back in this space Jenny. Hope you all enjoy your time back together. Love the cat and the dolly sleeping together, so sweet.

    cheers Kate

  2. Nice to see you, Jenny!
    Oh, I've heard your temps are very cold. You must stay cozy!
    I bet you love having all your chicks at home.

  3. It's cold enough here Jenny, your temperatures must be icy! I think my feet get colder each winter.

  4. I bet you are loving having the boys home. We recently had our daughter home for 10 days, before saying goodbye to her, as she is heading to the UK on a 2 year work visa.
    The last few nights in Melbourne have been very cold, but at least the sun is shining now. Keep toasty warm.

  5. So nice to find a post from you! Love your cozy life and dolls. :)

  6. Lately I have been finding that I have been removed from following some blogs randomly. I thought you were just posting on your doll blog instead but then I saw something in someone's side bar! So frustrating but I follow so many blogs it's hard keeping track of the ones dropping off the radar!


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