18 Jun 2012


So I am trying to get in the swing of getting dolls into the shop every second week now that just about all my custom dolls are done and my time is my own to create just from my own inspiration.
 If the stars are aligned properly and all is right in my little world I can usually make two to three dolls a week, so say 5 a fortnight.
 I usually end up doll making for about 35 hours a week, any more than that and the house starts to fall down around my ears and also my hands and wrists start to shout.
 It really is about balance, it is too easy for doll making to take over every minute of the day and really, if that is the way I work, family life and the peace of my home start to suffer.

When I make a doll I make everything, except their hand knit knickers.
 I like the control of making the doll and its clothes just the way I want them to be.
 I like to be able to take the creative path from beginning to end with each doll.
 That's how I like to work.


This week I have two dolls ready for the shop and another two half made.
 Their clothes are another matter though. I have plans and I have chosen fabric and I can see just how I want them to look.
School holidays finish tomorrow so I will have the whole day to suit myself and hopefully I can get everyone dressed or pretty close to it.
 I love it when everything comes together, it often surprises me and always, always makes me so happy.

6 Responses to “balance”

  1. Busting to see them all finished ! So far everything I have seen I have loved :)

  2. Will the girl with the blue hair be in the next shop update? I think she is wonderful

    1. She is supposed to be in the shop on Thursday Ronnie but someone from my 2012 custom list might be calling dibs on her. I should know by the morning.

  3. Time away from dollmaking makes me appreciate my time dollmaking. Thank you for the gentle wisdom of this post.


  4. Balance...a good guidline for life in general. Love all the colours of yarn spilling out of the box.

  5. Ah! You make me want a doll. Or to make a doll. Something like that. <3


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