2 May 2012

Wednesday is sewing day and I have lots to do today. 
Mostly finishing off Louisa's clothes but also getting things made for the clothing sale and some custom doll outfits as well.

It's rainy out but a happy place to be is on the window seat playing with toys, some from my own baby and child hood and one or two that I have made plus Prissy the puppy of course who we bought from here.

My Katie is away on camp this week so us oldies are getting a taste of what it will be like once the last little wren has flown the nest. 
It's very quiet...

It's a new month with the colder wintry weather coming on, the fire is alight most nights and it's great weather for sewing and knitting, reading and dreaming, making delicious soups and stews and a cake or two.
 The trees still have some of their leaves but they are looking bedraggled. 
The grass where it shows through drifts of fallen leaves is back to its luscious greenness after a dry dry summer.

Lots of lovely woolly parcels have been coming through the post, most I think is destined for pretty hair.
 I am making my first 17" sweet child sprite doll this month so that is something to dream a little about, I've never made such a big fairy doll before.

I love autumn, don't you. 

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