Ruby Jack

23 May 2012

When I worked in Melbourne as a physiotherapist I had a patient called Ruby Jack.
She was a spunky little customer, pushing 90.
She knew a thing or two about life and she knew exactly what she would do and what she would not.

This little Ruby Jack seems to be of a similar disposition.

As soon as she knew there were photos to be taken she decided she was not in the mood.

She set me with her pretty grey eyes and would not budge

But then I tempted her with the promise of a game to play and she agreed to sit  for me.

I didn't have much time, impatience is  her middle name.

Two snaps and that was it.

Time for a rainbow puzzle on this rainy day.

She is wondering  how long it will be before the other girls are ready.
I think Ruby actually needs a little help with her puzzle but she won't admit it.

She didn't stick with it for long, she would much rather be out jumping in puddles.
 How difficult it is to make dolly gumboots do you think?

Ruby will be in the Etsy shop tomorrow around 10am AEST.

She is a 19" Best Friend doll, $420 AUD plus shipping.

8 Responses to “Ruby Jack”

  1. She is just gorgeous. Her dress and leggings are SO adorable.

  2. Love her Jenny! Those blonde curls, the cute outfit, she's a real cutie pie.

  3. She is so beautiful! I love the gray eyes with that fantastic yarn for the hair! I also love the fabric patterns and colors of her outfit. Can they get any cuter than that???

  4. Ooo i love her too, she ist so nice, I love her hair and all about her....and your little story was so nice :)))

  5. I'm sure the first Ruby Jack would delight in that story.

  6. She just comes alive with the story. So cute!!


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