Louisa, a Best Friend

3 May 2012

Louisa and Bubbles

Louisa has been so patient waiting for her clothes to made and more importantly waiting for her little doll Bubbles to be ready.

But  once she saw that Bubbles had hair but no clothes and was almost finished she was " Is she ready yet, is she ready yet", all afternoon.


Making clothes for a 20" doll has been a joy and a trial. 
New patterns to be drafted and tested.
 It's been good, lots to learn and it has made me want to make more clothes this size, almost big enough for a child but not quite.


Louisa is the first of my new 20" Best Friend series of dolls to be offered for sale.

Have I told you how much I love this new dolly style and size? 
She is so lovely to hold and cuddle, you plop her down and she sits there so sweetly. 
You hold her up and her little legs dangle down in just the cutest way, according to my daughter and I have to agree. 
And those little legs with little turned down socks on her feet, so adorable



Louisa has two outfits but really there are lots of combinations.

A pretty floral cotton dress trimmed with vintage lace fastened with buttons down the back.

A hand knit woollen cardigan fastened with a wooden button.

A cotton pinafore  that fastens on the shoulders with shell buttons. 
The pinafore can be worn with the dress, on its own as a sun dress or with the

Linen blouse trimmed with the floral dress fabric

and lastly 

 Grey corduroy trousers, lightly gathered at the hem and trimmed with the pinafore fabric.


Louisa also has a thin gingham ribbon and a wide gingham ribbon for her pretty hair so she can keep it off her face when she is doing difficult puzzles.

Louisa's shoes

and for the first time I have successfully made some crocheted shoes which Louisa is very happy to wear with her little cotton socks ( purchased from the baby shop, not made by me)

Lots of fun dressing up ahead I think.
You can see more pictures of Louisa  here

Choosing toys

Louisa has enjoyed her time in the Playroom and made lots of good friends but she is ready to find her special friend.

 Louisa is looking for  someone who is at least 7 years old, who knows how to do up buttons and certainly doesn't want to eat them!

She is not safe for children younger than 3 years because of the choking hazard, the complexity of her clothes and her size.

 Louisa is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Louisa and Bubbles can't wait to hear where they are going to live.
Such an adventure.

Louisa and Bubbles

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  1. Such pretty, pretty clothes! She looks adorable in all of them. I love to see her with the toys; makes her look so real!


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