In my head

7 May 2012

I am so grateful that I have  found the things in life that are my bliss,
being a wife and mother and making dolls.

As my children grow older and are around less my role as mother has to change.
 I still have one sweet child at home, my dear Kate, but this past week and this week too she is away on school camp and I have been getting a little foretaste of how it will be when she leaps into her independent life and our easy closeness becomes something we will have to work on because we will no longer be sharing the same house. 
It will be chats on the phone and coming home on semester break, just like her brothers.
 My husband misses his young family terribly , the days when little ones feet where as big as the palm of your hand and their whole world was just here, in this little house with their mummy and daddy.

So with a slightly heavy heart I will tidy away the weekend flotsam and sit down at my work table. 
In bursts of creativity over the weekend I made two doll heads and gave them hair. 
They have no bodies, well they are stitched but not stuffed. 
Perhaps they are a metaphor for how I have been living over the weekend, 
very much inside my own  head.  

Life and family change constantly but we don't always see the changes until we are forced too.

The playroom is a little melancholy today.

5 Responses to “In my head”

  1. Although I'm not quite as far along the journey as you, I too am catching glimpses of the future. I find it quite scarey, but change is the only constant and so I must go with it. I have realised that it's time for me to find something I love to use up the time that I used to give to my children. I wish you both any easy and smooth transition, I guess you still have a few years before she goes.

    cheers Kate

  2. Those photos in the background - I think I'll go have a good cry now! Still grateful though...

  3. Going thru the same phase of life. My oldest is home for a couple months this summer - then getting his own apartment, and this will no longer be 'home' for him. I find it impossible to believe, sometimes, where did the time go.
    I do still have one at home, but he's home less and less. So, only a matter of time.....
    Hugs to you Little Jenny Wren. :))

  4. Aahhh...what a wonderful post! I relate completely to where you are.. My oldest is almost 20 & my other 3 are right behind her. :-) I love watching them grow up, but it is so bittersweet, isn't it? Hugs to you!!


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