best buddies

21 May 2012

It is a cold and and wet day here today.
Autumn leaves are fluttering everywhere.

The girls are in need of clothes  and I haven't made them yet.
 I have other jobs to finish off first.

In the meantime they are snug in their bed, three in a bed and a snuggly crocheted rug, teddies and friends to cuddle and Alice in Wonderland to read together.

So much fun getting to know each new doll and working out what best suits them.

Tanya, Elsie and Billie, best buddies today.

There is one more dolly to come though it seems she will be a 20" best friend doll rather then the 17" Sweet Child doll I planned.
Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “best buddies”

  1. They look so sweet Jenny - very cosy indeed :) can't wait to see your 20" beauty :) have a great day.
    Fiona x

  2. What a wonderful photo! You just bring these dollies to life Jenny! You have a VERY special something!
    You always inspire me.
    PS. I miss you blogging about your housekeeping and your life.

  3. A wonderful picture of dolly contentment, Jenny :-)



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