Just the best thing

13 Apr 2012

It's been a busy week of chocolate and dolls.
 The house was full over Easter with the boys and extras coming home for a few days.
 Lots of cooking, lots of washing up, plenty of laughter.

I made four dolls for sale this week, well started last week finished this.
 So much fun making them, they really took on a life of their own ,each one very sure of how they wanted to be.
 Two with noses, what's that all about, a boy Sweet Child doll, a baby doll,  a girl with hand spun yarn for hair. 
Lots of fun trying new things and letting my ideas take me where they wanted to go.

You know what I like,
 when you have made a doll and then you  are not sure what to do next,
 what colour hair, what colour eyes and the clothes, 
oh no idea 
and you pop the doll on your table and go about your business, doing the washing, hanging out with the family, cooking tea
 and then you come back to her, 
and she seems to whisper something,
 and you are off and away. 

You may stall again but it's only because that's what has to happen.
 It's like all these floating sparkly drifting clouds have to circle 
and then come together and then you can see what it is you are creating.

And it really is exciting
 and just the best thing.

3 Responses to “Just the best thing”

  1. Your dolls always turn out so adorable and perfect.

  2. You capture the delight of dollmaking so well with this post, Jenny.


  3. Beautiful work and photos! I especially love the dark curly hair on the little girl.

    I know exactly what you mean about having no idea on how to proceed (and starting to feel a bit uncertain) and then, after a rest, an idea pops in! I am at one of those no idea moments. Thanks for the reminder that the ideas will eventually flow.


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