Grannie's crochet

1 Apr 2012

Some of Grannie's fine crochet work

My grandmother could crochet like nobody's business.
 She learned from her mother and never followed a pattern. 
In her later years, her 80s and 90s, she used very thin metal hooks and thin cotton thread to crochet beautiful lacy doilies and collars and wore her own mother's cute wire rimmed round glasses to help her see.

When I was younger she crocheted granny square rugs and dolly blankets.
 She crocheted baby clothes and dresses big enough to fit a preschooler.

But what most fascinated me as a child when we went to visit Grannie and Grandpop was the ball of thin cotton and the thin bendy looking metal crochet hook that always had some pretty lace work attached to it.

I never asked Grannie to teach me to crochet, it never entered my head but I did pick up a tip or two from my Auntie Maisie who lived next door to us and could turn her hand to anything crafty.
My Mum taught me to make a crochet chain and that was the limit of her expertise in the area, my auntie taught me to double and triple crochet and I taught myself to make a granny square  but  then I moved on, other things held greater attraction, things like knitting and sewing I even tried my hand at macrame.
There was a lot of craft and crochet going on when I  was a child,
the late 60s and early 70s saw crochet everywhere but I preferred my knitting.

version 1

So fast forward to now and I pride myself on being able to knit just about anything but sometimes knitting isn't what you want.
 The past week I have been trying to design a little hat for a little doll.
 No point in finding a pattern because I can't follow crochet patterns

version 2

There is a third version, I will share that later.

Of course the next problem is how to reproduce what I have made and I think the only answer will be to practise making it lots of times so it becomes ingrained in my memory just like all Grannie's unwritten patterns were for her, things she tried and liked and did over and over and then could build on, organically and happily as the mood struck her.

2 Responses to “Grannie's crochet”

  1. Delightful, Jenny; crochet has been such a joy in my life, and I can thank my maternal Grandmother for having the patience to teach me.

    Your crochet bucket hat is the perfect accessory for dear Sophie :-)


  2. Like all things Jenny, it is trial and error till one gets it right. Like you, I had people in my life who were patient enough to sit and show me how to work the yarn/thread and the hooks and needles without injuring myself, lol. I learned to crochet and knit from my mom at about age 12. I learned to knit first and so hence when I hold a crochet hook it is like I am holding a knitting needle in my right hand. My mother is from Germany, she could knit anything she wanted (just like your grandma)without benefit of a pattern. When I was born she knitted for me all the time. I was told by my aunt that people use to stop her on the street when she pushed my baby buggy to look and see "what Susie had on today". My mother is 81 years old and because of a neck injury is not able to knit or crochet anymore. She gave me all of her hooks and needles. It is sad because she loved doing all that over the years. We had mittens, scarves and hats, all 6 of us kids.
    Your little hat is a start and isn't all that bad. Maybe adding a little flower or some other embellishment would make you happier with it? I do envy your knitting. I am a much better crocheter than knitter, but I am trying and do sit with instructional books at my side. I am a continental knitter and so was my mom. It is much faster than English knitting, but I just don't think mine will ever measure up to the English style. I have posted a couple of doll sweaters I made on my blog:
    The good thing about dolls is they don't complain about what you dress them in, but honestly, your dolls aught to be strutting their stuff with pride because you are an excellent knitter and they are lookin' good!
    I might also add that I do sew and quilt. I took 3 years of Home Economics in school and my mother-in-law was a sewer and quilter from Kentucky. She taught me to sew and can food.....I was so blessed.
    Love your dolls, Bless you, I know you bring a ton of happiness into this world by what you do.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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