getting ready

30 Apr 2012

 Louisa is making herself at home , enjoying many many cups of pretend tea with the various bods who live in the playroom.

I am working on her clothes and on a little friend to travel with her.
 It's a lot of fun imagining and making clothes for a doll this size, making shoes and discovering she can wear baby size socks.

I am hoping she will be all ready for Thursday when I will ask for anyone who is interested in giving her a home to leave a comment and then we can all get organised for her adventure.

While I was looking for this and that last week I found the little night dress that I made for my daughter to celebrate her birth and for her to wear when we came home from hospital.

I tried it on Louisa and it looked just so pretty.

8 Responses to “getting ready”

  1. Louisa is adorable Jenny, and that dress you made is fantastic! I am sure there will be many homes lined up to be able to take her with them. Best of luck sweet Louisa!

  2. So sweet! I seem to fall in love with every one of them! :o)

  3. Louisa is gorgeous!Love, love everything about her!
    I hope she would want to come to CA :) Nice and sunny here!

  4. The little white dress is just out-of-this-world beautiful! And Louisa is a sweetheart!

  5. So I can now see how busy you have been, playing with these lovely dolls. Missed you over on your other blog, hope all is well with you & yours.

  6. Oh Jenny, such a lovely nightgown! And your little Gingermelon doll for Louisa is so dear :-)



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