18 Apr 2012

For such a long time I have a doll playing in the back if my mind,
 dancing around asking questions and then disappearing.

A big doll, far out of my comfort zone. 
A big doll that would feel just right,
 look just right,
 be just right.

Somehow all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place on a day when I had time to devote to bringing this girlie to life.
 Time to give her my undivided attention.

I drafted the pattern as if I has always known how it should be.
 I stitched and cut and stuffed and stitched some more and just a peep after midnight she was all together. 
Faceless, hairless and without clothes but she was there.
 Just as I had imagined.

The next morning I got up very early and once my eyes had adjusted to being out of bed at 6am on a Sunday morning I embroidered her face.
The hair, well the yarn I bought several weeks ago with no definite purpose in mind and there it was, perfect.

Charlotte then got to borrow a dress from another kind doll so we could share her loveliness with you without delay.  
She has spent most of her short life getting to know the other dolls in the playroom and musing over clothes patterns to organise an outfit or two of her own.

The thing is though, that instead of making her clothes I have started making her a cousin. 
Charlotte will be living here with me but her sweet cousin will be searching for a special home of her own, once she is all together
 and has a sweet face and hair and clothes 
and maybe a little friend too.

5 Responses to “Charlotte”

  1. I absolutely love her. Her hair is to die for.

  2. Love the contrast of her hair with her skin! Thanks for sharing your story of creative triumph!!

  3. Oh I love her! And we have the same name! All of your dolls are wonderful!
    Charlotte (aka lil red hen)


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