Busy little people

22 Apr 2012

Louisa, with hair!

 Miss Louisa has long legs and sweet feet.

She is wearing other people's clothes because it's the weekend and the dressmaker has the weekends off.

So she has been hanging around the playroom wondering what happens next.


Louisa  found the little case that holds the embroidery threads, the case that belonged to my little sister, Julie. Julie even wrote her name on it so no one else would take it but then she grew up and sneaky me decided it should live at my house and hold my threads. 
For more years than I care to remember this little case lived in the playhouse at my parent's house, the house where I grew up. 
It's a little case that holds history and now it helps me make my dolls into little people so that when the embroidery is done they can see themselves in the mirror in the lid of the case.


 Lots of pretty threads kept Louisa busy and content for much of the morning.


And then when that was done she had to sit and think a while until it was cuddle time


 Cuddle time must be the best time of the day don't you think especially when you get to cuddle a little pink puppy.


And then a wonderful thing happened, the nice lady in charge of the playroom ( that would be me) experimented with making a shoe and it worked and it is pretty and warm and comfortable but there is only one.
Oh well.

Now when the nice lady went off to do all the things that people have to do to keep a household running and keep a family happy Charlotte and Louisa had a little chat.

Poor Charlotte realised her feet were in need of shoes and when I came back  to check on things they were trying , very hard, to figure out how to make some shoes for her.

Busy little people in the playroom.

5 Responses to “Busy little people”

  1. thank you for this nice story. and have a nice sunday.

  2. Sounds like you have to keep a close eye on those girls!

    I love the story of your sisters embroidery box. I have two sisters who happen to be living in Australia (Queensland) and I don't get to see them very often. However, one of my sisters will be coming home with her two children for a visit this summer. It will be so wonderful to see her again and for our children to be able to play together!

    Hopefully you were able to get some rest in between making those cute new shoes!

  3. How darling! Such sweet little ones and the new shoes are perfect, even if there's only one so far.... :o)

  4. Louisa is wonderful Jenny; your dolls are just the very best :-)


  5. Jenny,

    I just love Louisa's story! You write so beautiful and this story should be made in a little story book, pictures and all!

    I love, love, love your 20inch dolls and...I would like to get on your list if you are taking orders!
    Surprise for you, soon :)



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