Topsy Turvy Land

22 Mar 2012

The playroom has been all topsy turvy this week or at least my head has been.

So many thoughts running through and around and in and out.

It's the first anniversary of my Dad's passing and he has been on my mind all week,  remembering good times and the last weeks of  bad times.

My Mum has been on my mind too, it is a very tough week for her.

I have also had dolls on my mind, dolls I am making and dolls that are yet to be made and this dollmaking business of mine that I love so much.

I am feeling quite jumbled and unsettled but I guess it's to be expected and calm will return.

The weather has started to turn. 
Autumn is definitely on its way.
 The first fire has been lit this afternoon and I have hunted out my woolly slippers to keep me cosy while I sit and work on the dolls.

I am wanting to close in and move away a little from the noise of the online dolly world,
 feeling the need to be a little introspective and get a clear idea of where I am heading. 
It's the weather I guess, the smell of the cool weather to come and the long dark evenings stretching out and inviting contemplation and dreaming.

This time last year I was working hard to stop myself from thinking.
 This year I want to work hard but do lots of thinking too.

 I  need to take time to look within, 
much as I enjoy the creative work that is everywhere on the net,
 there are too many diversions,
 too many bright shiny objects.

 I need to take time to just concentrate on me and my work and my little business.
And I need to restore peace to the playroom and my mind.

7 Responses to “Topsy Turvy Land”

  1. Hello Jenny
    Thinking of you at this hard time.You are a lovely strong person and are very inspiring to us.Look after yourself.

  2. Beautiful post...I am feeling the same way!

    Much love...Theresa

  3. beautifully written. Just go with it.

    cheers Kate

  4. Take care Jenny and follow your instincts.

  5. Grief has no time period. It reminds me of the tide, it comes crashing in to beat on your heart and then retreats a bit and the sorrow eases up to make life bearable again. The worst times would be special days and the anniversary of the death. But that isn't always the case, memories are hidden in some of the most unlikely places. It is good you stay busy doing what you love to do, and although I did not know your father, I'm sure he would want nothing less than happiness for you.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne ♥

  6. Hi Jenny. I want to send a little something your way. Do you mind providing your address? Understand if you don't. Ditto to everything Susanna has said, especially about the memories occurring at unexpected time. But I find they are the most beautiful ones, even if it makes you fall in a heap of tears! That is what keeps him alive in you. A hug to you and your Mum. Natalie


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