Three little girls

26 Mar 2012

Three new little girls are coming to life in the Playroom this week
Three little Irish girls

Darcy, all brown hair and blue eyes and cute as a little dumpling.
She is the first of the little jenny wren vintage dolls, made using a version of the pattern that I first used so many years ago when I learned to make my first doll.
It's a very different pattern and gives a doll who can sit alone.
I think the pattern still has more incarnations to come but Darcy is number two and I love her.
 Number one is Maddie and she gets to stay here with me.

Sweet magical Sinead is so elegant and so innocent. 
What is it about red hair and blue eyes and soft pale skin. 
I love the simple symmetry of her face and the symmetry of her pretty hair.

The third doll is Fiona and she looks a little cheeky to me.
 Fiona has a nose which is big news in little jenny wren land.
 Fiona has soft and crazy blonde hair and sweet blue eyes.

I am going to enjoy dressing these three so much. 
Everything is cut out ready to sew.
 I have plans for some knitwear too and cute shoes and socks.

The three girls will be available in my Etsy shop on Thursday 29th March at 11am (AEST)

I will have more pictures later in the week as the girls get their clothes and have their photo sessions ready for the shop. 

3 Responses to “Three little girls”

  1. They're all so sweet! Though, I must say, as a fellow redhead, Sinead is my favorite!

  2. I love them all and especially the LJW vintage doll :-) She's gorgeous. It's so nice to see youre work online, I have to remind myself constantly to take pictures and blog about it, but I will come to that eventually when the youngest goes to school.

  3. Delightful how each doll take on her own personality; they are wonderful, Jenny :-)



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