11 Mar 2012

Sunday morning and I am sitting up in bed, writing to you on the computer
How amazing is that!
When Andy left home he left his old laptop for us to play with.
I can't post new photos though because they are on the other computer.
Wait, I can use pictures that are already on the blog somewhere else.

So it is a long weekend here in Tassie and we are spending the weekend just relaxing and doing things around the house and garden.
 It's the time of year isn't it that makes you want to get the nest ready for winter, to clean up the garden reorganise in the house, will the tomatoes to ripen faster, collect kindling .

A household with just three people is soooo different, we seem to be too small, like there is something missing which of course there is, a person or two. It is going to take some time for us all to get used to the new dynamics in the house.

Kate and Stephen are organising breakfast now and I am starting to feel bed bound here with the laptop in my cosy bed, better get up and get moving

5 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. It's a lovely time of year. These cool mornings remind me that winter is on it's way. I got up at 8am (a sleep in for me), made coffee and tomatoes on toast and I am sitting surfing blogs and facebook, catching up.

    Both our girls are gone from the house now so we have a new dynamic too! But they are home this long weekend so I baked choc chip cookies and chilli beef nachos for their arrival. Fresh bread is on the agenda for this morning.

    I love this time of year...

  2. Jenny, there is such peace in your writing, even with all the changes and adjustments for you all.
    I've been thinking about you often and wondering how you are all adjusting to this new arrangement? I've been looking at my own children and wondering what it's like to be the last one left at home when they have always been part of the group of children. How is Kate coping? I've wanted to ask and hoped you would blog about it, but felt that I was perhaps being nosey or stalkerish.

    I too am spending this long weekend preparing for winter, and I'm loving it. I'm really enjoying just staying at home and pottering, doing all those little and not so little jobs. I was explaining to Greg yesterday as we stacked wood in the woodshed how I was feeling, he said like gathering your acorns, and yes that is exactly how it is for me.

    cheers Kate

  3. Kate, my Katie was dreading being the last one left at home but I have to say she has been so busy at school that she hasn't had time to think. She rings the boys whenever she feels like talking, we said we were happy for her to do this. She is enjoying the lack of boy mess around the house and the fact that food doesn't disappear all the time. I think it is the evenings when she misses them the most, well she misses Andy especially because they have become very close since Louis left home 3 years ago.

    1. thanks for sharing Jenny. I see the bonds developing between mine now that they are teenagers. Yes I think Mahalia would appreciate a little less boy mess and more food too. lol. I was the youngest by 13 years so I don't remember my siblings living at home at all, it's all new to me.

      cheers Kate

  4. Jenny! You decadent girl, writing blog posts while sitting up in bed. Lucky you!

    We are reminded of you and Kate every day with the 2012 calendar which is hanging in our smallest room.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


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