4 Mar 2012

Can't believe it is raining.
I can hear the gardens of Launceston singing.

And it's cold.
I am desperate to light the fire but is that giving in too easily and too early.
It's only the fourth day of March.

Beeswax gingerbread man from Pretty Dreamer

6 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Greg wanted to light our fire last night, but I said no. I want to hang onto the summer feeling for a little longer yet. Denial is a great thing. lol

    cheers Kate

  2. Super photos.. Keep up the good work Jenny!!!!!

  3. Our Melbourne gardens are joining in with the signing too. Yesterday was cool and very rainy and today has been humid.

  4. Wet here in Darwin too, but unfortunately not with the temperatures to accompany it that are conducive to fires. I wish it was cool though - I am obviously a southerner - wet to me should equal cold:)

  5. I guess your 4th March time would be my September time? I'd still light the fire - I have been known to light it in August but then this is England - lol!!


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