9 Mar 2012

So March has begun and with it comes a handful of custom dolls to create with my lovely customers  and plenty of space for me to make whatever little picture comes into my head. I aim to make ten to twelve dolls each month.
 This keeps me busy but not frantic.
It lets me spend the amount of time I want to on each doll, so they can become all they need to be and it is satisfying for me

The more I tap into my creativity the more creativity is produced.
 Is that the way it is for you too?

 I started the month with the completion of a couple of custom dolls left over from February, that reminds me I still need to share pictures of one of the dolls.
This week I presented two 17" Sweet Child dolls for sale and happily they have both found homes.

 Now I can start to conjure up ideas and dreams for the next group of shop dolls.
 Love it , I just love it.
 My problem is though that I can't sketch my ideas. I have to write them down and then gather bits and pieces that might be used in a project.
 I have little wire baskets and each one carries the dream of doll, yarn , cloth, felt, scribbled ideas, perhaps a picture book.
 I always wished I could draw well.

Anyway I will try to keep you updated as the dollies take shape.
You can come along for the ride as well.

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3 Responses to “March”

  1. I like it! The idea with the baskets is very nice. Love your workspace. Looks comfortable, sunny, and warm. xo ulla

  2. Jenny, when I started making dolls I didn't make sketches either. As time passed and my skills grey, so did my drawing. I was able to sit down, pencil in hand, book on my lap, by the window, and draw these little ladies and lads. Not a lot of detail, pretty simple drawings...and on these pages I write the character of the doll, the colours I see her wearing, what yarn I am going to use for their hair and so on. It is very nice to go back and see a drawing for each I made last year, all in one book :-)

  3. Jenny, your work room is such a delight; filled with light and dolls :-)

    I too wish I could draw the dolls I see in my mind. I am going to work on this.



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