I love chooks

30 Mar 2012


I love chooks ( hens).

 I love my chooks and Charlie the duck.

I can't believe we are still trying to get rid of  the practise of battery caging hens in this country .

If the EU can ban the practise so can we, our population is much smaller,
surely we can produce the number of eggs we need in a more responsible and humane way.


Come on Australia, don't be so pathetic.

We are better than this.

Make battery cages history!


5 Responses to “I love chooks”

  1. I love chooks too- it makes me furious that this practice is still going on. Good on Missy for jumping on board the fight against the battery caging system!

  2. All that most people see is the price of the eggs in the supermarket: The cage eggs are usually significantly less expensive than the free range varieties. People don't think past the dollar sign, don't consider where their eggs are coming from. I think that is the saddest part - this complete ignorance and apathy.

  3. yep I hear you completely.
    Can't wait for cage eggs to be ruled out.
    Even better if it's by consumer choice and the suppliers are merely responding to demand.
    I don't like the chances of that happening though, no matter how high my dose of optomism

    (and what kind of chook is the 'main actor' in the first pic, please?)

    1. Well that is Biddy and I have no idea what kind of chook she is. we bought our girls from a vet whose chooks free ranged and were visited by many abandoned roosters so I don't think any of them are pure bred. I do know that Biddy thinks she is terribly clever and the boss of everything.

  4. I'm totally agree with you Jenny, I have been buying our family free range eggs for years. To me a caged stressed chook, delivers a stressed egg!
    There also needs to be a campagian to save the penned up pigs.


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