6 Mar 2012

Late last year I decided I really wanted to make some dolls who had a whole wardrobe of clothes.
I offered custom places for these dolls and three beauties  were made in time for Christmas.

So many hours involved in making these dolls.

The customer chooses colour themes and hair styles 
 and the rest is up to me.

 Sometimes working with someone else's colour palette is a challenge 
but I like how it takes me to places I might not normally go and makes me work out ways of combining colours that I just wouldn't have thought about otherwise.
 It's like cooking to a budget,
 you have to be extra creative.

So over the past few weeks little Andie has been gathering her outfits.

 We have had to work out some new patterns and finesse some details.

Really, I have loved it and I love her too ,
 right down to her cute little bikini.

Now that this Four Seasons package is done and dusted I will be offering a new  Four Seasons package, on this blog, tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for it if you are interested.
I can't wait to see how the next little darling turns out.

You can see all the package dolls here.

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