20 Feb 2012

This weekend, my little Andy left home to go to Uni.

He is did a great job of organising everything but a car problem added to the last minute drama.

 He really doesn't like having his photo taken  and I had to get these on the run.

I really am going to miss him.
 He is a bit of a homebody like me and over the past few months we have shared lots of cups of tea, well coffee for me.
 He is also my go to Technical assistance guy when I stuff things up on the computer. 
Scary for me to be going it alone.

He is so focussed and excited about getting started on this next part of his life.

While the last minute packing was going on around me through the week
 I made this little boy doll with his sandy white hair
just like my little boys when they were tots.

10 Responses to “Starting”

  1. Oh gosh, I do feel for you. My homebody leaves in September and my nest will be empty. I just keep focusing on the fact that it's a good thing. It means he's going to fulfil his dreams. Wishing you and yours every happiness. Hugs to you Jenny. xxx

  2. Love those photos Jenny. Change, it's all around us and can be sooo scary yet exciting at the same time.
    A whole new family dynamic now will evolve for you. I'm enjoying every moment of my growing young men, grade 10 and 12 this year, all too soon they will be leaving the nest, can't imagine how I will feel.
    What will Andy be studying?

    cheers Kate

    1. kate he is studying Engineering and Science, mainly physics I think.

    2. Harry was thinking about engineering but now I think he has settled on economics. I just hope whatever he chooses he is able to get work in that field and it makes him happy.

      Good luck to Andy, but I'm sure it's more about hard work than luck.

      cheers Kate

  3. All my good wishes go with you Andy!

  4. My best wishes to Andy on this next chapter!

  5. Best wishes to Andy as he start this new exciting stage in his life.
    Both my boys are at university now and the house is very quiet, I miss the chats over cups of tea.

  6. It is hard seeing them leave to go on to the next stage of their lives, but that's part of our 'job' as parents to help prepare them for this. But who prepares us??

  7. 3 oldest are now out of the house. The third just moved out and is going to technical school. He is only an hour away but still. It seems now that they are all coming up, the leaving home is going faster.

    I can't imagine them all being grown and gone. Hopefully by the time they are all grown and gone my husband and I will still be great pals like we are now.


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