1 Feb 2012

She can't really read, she is only pretending

Remember when you used to make your little sister and your dolls and the kid from next door play schools
 and you were always the teacher because you were the oldest 
and they had to do exactly what you told them to do.

Those were the days.

5 Responses to “remember”

  1. How did you know?
    And the best part was making the attendance charts and name tags and worksheets!

  2. I love it. Unfortunately I was the younger sister. To a brother. I played a lot of american football as a kid and spent more time than I'd like to admit being the tackling dummy. Good training for life, I suppose, as things are so much more pleasant than that now! ;)

  3. Yes, yes, yes....
    And wasn't it the best?
    I am not sure my sister, my dolls and the kids next door would agree, but it truly was!

  4. Yes, I loved that! Jenny, thought I'd pop in and tell you that Norah (5 this coming Monday) continues to enjoy Bridget - who has long been renamed Madeline. Madeline's hair has lost her curl long ago because of snuggles in bed, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is the perfect tuck-under-the-arm size and gets/gives lots of love. Thank you again for sharing your craft and all the care you put into each doll, and I'm so glad we bought her!

    Best wishes from California (& belated happy 25th anniversary!),



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