Pinkie Bobette

5 Feb 2012

 This weekend, when I should be out in the garden or sewing some new cushion covers or cleaning out the garage which is packed with hay for the (guinea) pigs and chooks,
 I am instead working on some little dolls.

When inspiration grabs you I guess you need to act. I am working on four little dolls, only 8" tall but with lots of personality.
 Bobbie and the Bobettes.
 This little one is Pinkie Bobette.

Katie is in a school production of Happy Days and has been away on a camp to get things rolling. 
There are Pinkettes in the play.
 You see how it works, Pinkettes become a pink haired doll with a bob and so Pinkie the Bobette demanded to be made.
 Her sisters Blanche and Sunny are in the works along with brother Bobbie.

4 Responses to “Pinkie Bobette”

  1. Love the pink hair on the bobettes!

    Is Katie playing Joanie? She has just the face for Joanie.

  2. No Rose, she doesn't have a speaking part, she is doing lots of dancing though and partners Ralph Malph in the dance contest

  3. A production of Happy Days sounds brilliant. I imagine it would be so much fun and those skirts....I always wanted to wear skirts like that when I used to watch Happy Days, sadly I was never confident enough to go so against 'fashion'. I loved the dancing, twirling skirts, bobby socks and gentlemanly behaviour from the boys. Oh now I'm off on daydream alley....
    cheers Kate

  4. Just wrote a comment but it's off somewhere else....anyway just wanted to say a Happy Days production sounds great, lots of fun.

    cheers Kate


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