packing up.

25 Feb 2012

Waiting to be packed up and shipped off. They look a bit scared

One of the jobs I like least about making and selling dolls is packing them up and shipping them off.

Sometimes it feels a little sad to be saying goodbye though mostly I am OK with that.


I am sad to see Gracie go, she has been such a sweetie to have around the place.
 She is a gentle doll and  her dear little face, her soft hair and  cosy clothes have been lovely to look at and to touch and , when no one is around, she has been a great listener.

Mimi and Mitty

These two little ones have been cheeky bright sparks around the playroom
 and I am sure they will be up to tricks when they get to their new homes.

Mimi and Mitty

and little Daniel will have his teddy to keep him company and give him courage on his journey over the seas.

A week of goodbyes and remembering, family-wise and dolly-wise
the kind of  week that reminds you what life is all about.
Remembering my dad, forgetting and then remembering that Andy doesn't live here any more.
Saying good bye to another phase in my life and getting used to being a family of three most of the time.

Daniel has a teddy bear

5 Responses to “packing up.”

  1. But the upside of making and selling dolls is, while sending them off can feel like a loss, there are usually some new ones on the go when that happens! Just remember how happy their new owners are going to be :)

    1. I know Susie, I love the fact that when one lot is finished you can clear the space, tidy a little and then start dreaming up new dolls, I love that.

  2. Gracie is really cute Jenny- I love the colors you chose for her. :)

  3. I don't know which is harder, the actual goodbye or going back over the memories?
    Beautiful dolls, Jenny.

  4. I'm sure they miss you when they go Jenny but then they meet their new people.


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