2 Feb 2012

evening on Bruny Island

I just realised that I haven't shared my holiday snaps.
Five days on an island.
On Bruny Island to be specific.
Gorgeous weather,
wonderful company
and a celebration.
The celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary.

Hmm and no picture of the two of us together, oh well we know we were there.



P1130728 - Copy

P1130680 - Copy

P1130689 - Copy

P1130708 - Copy

P1130715 - Copy

P1130717 - Copy P1130621

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  1. What a stunning part of the world Jenny! Congrats on your 25th, we are coming up to our 35th this year. I was a child bride. ;)

  2. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, where is the photo of you both sharing a romantic candlelight dinner??

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    What a beautiful spot on the earth. Thank you for giving us a glimpse.

  4. Awe, that's great Jenny! I too was a child bride Rose... this year will be 18 years for my hubby and I... we had a long honeymoon before our little girl came along ;) The big 25 is quite the accomplishment Jenny, a big heartfelt congratulations to you both!
    ~ Carissa West

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place and family... Happy Anniversary!

  6. Congratulations on your 25 wedding anniversary!!!


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