Dad's birthday

22 Feb 2012

My Dad, Dessie. 23 Feb 1927 - 23rd March 2011. Rest peacefully      

Tomorrow my Dad would have been 85.

We are all getting together to have a Dessie dinner, all Dad's favourites.

How does this sound?

Corned beef and vegies
Shepherd's pie
Lambs fry and bacon

( if it were up to me I would also add fried bread and black pudding)

followed by

apple pie
jelly and ice cream
chocolate pudding

and hopefully some Terry's orange chocolate

Can you tell Dad was a child during the Depression?

7 Responses to “Dad's birthday”

  1. sounds perfect.

    and what a beautiful photo!

  2. Oh, what a lovely idea. Great pic, I can see the family resemblance running through Jenny. Have a very special time tomorrow. xx

  3. I have always thought your dad sounded just lovely Jenny and I think this is such a wonderful idea. I hope it was a comforting time with lots of laughter round the table. I will say a prayer for your dad and family xx

  4. Your Dad was born two and a half months after my Mum. Mum would choose most of that menu too.

  5. what a lovely way to mark the day. I too would add fried bread, I loved it as a child, not so keen on the black pudding though.
    cheers Kate

  6. What a special way to celebrate your Dad's life. I hope your family has a lovely day.

  7. Depression food ? You just listed some of my favourites and I am just a bit younger than you ? What a wonderful way to honor your father.
    I am very tempted to get the lambs fry out of the freezer and cook that for my lunch now.


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