Katie likes to bake

14 Jan 2012

My Katie loves to bake.
 I love that she does.
 It's like having an extra mum in the house.
 I get to eat treats that I haven't baked myself

This week she has made the French Cream Cheese Tart 
that has always been a favourite in the house,
 she has made macarons and honey jumbles too. 

Lucky me.

We have been cleaning out the little room next to the wood shed , it's the room that houses the outside loo, only used in emergencies and for the past few years not used at all as the room became the resting house for piles of things no longer needed or used rarely.

I do think baskets multiply when left alone and unused, to pass the time you know.

Sporty bits and pieces,
 some that get dragged out every summer 
and some that should have been passed on years ago

And  the horses who haven't been ridden for some time 
and view the outside loo as their stables.

Lucky we have a creamy treat to keep our strength up while we do our sorting and tidying.

7 Responses to “Katie likes to bake”

  1. Oh Jenny there is nothing better than a daughter that cooks...no make that all your children that can....2 out of 3 for me :)

    1. lucky you although Louis is happy to cook meals, he's just no living here anymore

  2. Pop up any time Katie, you can have a holiday near the water in exchange for treats. :)

  3. My daughter, Grace, loves your tart recipe and has had it as her birthday cake a few years in a row. She is a little younger than your Katie and loves to bake too.

  4. My Katie likes to bake as well, cheers Marie


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