Four Season Doll Packages

4 Jan 2012

Melissa's doll

I had so much fun making my Christmas package dolls.
Having the chance to make a whole wardrobe of clothes and really spend a long time with the one doll was a pleasure though a lot of work.

Alison's doll

This year I will be offering Four Season doll packages throughout the year.
The packages will be available by comment style here on my blog in my blog shop
and I will advertise them here and on my Facebook page.

This is going to be so much fun!

Caitlin's doll

2 Responses to “Four Season Doll Packages”

  1. So very cute! I think your dolly clothes are every bit as special as your dolls. What treasures you are creating!

    Happy New year!

  2. Jenny, these dolls are just priceless. I love coming here and enjoying the beauty of all you create.



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