bermuda shorts

2 Jan 2012

in our Christmas Burmuda shorts 

My sister, my brother and me in the late 60s.

When we were kids we always got a new shorts and t shirt set for Christmas, how about you? 
Or if you live in the northern hemisphere did you have an item of clothing that became a traditional gift?

5 Responses to “bermuda shorts”

  1. In the northern hemisphere, Christmas jammies are often given. My grandmother would let us open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it was often a new set of winter jammies, new robe and slippers. Flannel, or long sleeve nightgowns...and all matching.

  2. a brand new dress! It always had pretty lace at the cuffs and skirt hem :-)


  3. Nightgowns. Flannel nightgowns opened on Christmas eve. I remember that warm cozy feel!

  4. Oh yes, we did too! New shorts and a new blouse or t-shirt, these were the "good" ones (local shopping say but not "town"!) and the old good ones slipped down to everyday.

  5. I can't remember so probably not, but my children always get a new tshirt and shorts. The only time I buy any of the "branded" stuff.

    cheers Kate


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