18 Jan 2012

Yesterday was Mum and Dad's 59th wedding anniversary and of course the first one that Mum has celebrated alone.

We had an afternoon tea in their honour, just us and my sister and Mum.

Kate baked through the awful muggy heat and produced macarons and melting moments.
 I made a tea cake.

Thank goodness the girls are being generous with their eggs.

5 Responses to “anniversary”

  1. Hugs to your dear mum and the rest of you...

  2. I am glad that you, your sister, and sweet daughter could be there for your mom (and each other). Yours, Rosemary

  3. I hope there were some memories that made you smile.

  4. How lovely of you to make the day special for your Mum. Hugs to you all. xx

  5. I hope your Mum was able to reflect on the good times that she and your Dad had together. A special time for you all.


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