thirteen galahs, update

13 Dec 2011

13 galahs on the wire, does this mean good luck or bad I wonder 

What does it mean when 13 galahs land on the wire outside your house 
and pose and preen and
 talk in quiet, whispering voices?

I think it means it is going to be a very good but unusual day,
 that you will get lots of things done and crossed off your list,
 that the line at the post office will be short but happy,
 that the pixie who might also be son #2 will hang out all the washing to dry,
 make you cups of tea when you look in need of a boost and
 also cook dinner tonight.

Yes 13 galahs is a very lucky sign.

EDIT: turns out that 13 galahs is in fact lucky. Not all my wishes came true but I did cross lots off my list, the line at the post office was long but the company was good, the pixie did hang out the washing, made me a cuppa and suggested what we could have for dinner tonight.

3 Responses to “thirteen galahs, update”

  1. So were they a good omen, Jenny? They look like a type of parrot, to this non-Australian eye. How cool to have them hanging out with you :-)


  2. What a lovely sight! Hope that the 13 galahs brought you good luck today. We often have 1 kookaburra on the power line out the front of our place....what do you think that means?

  3. We have had many galahs lately. I just love to watch them eat and graze around the yard. I am glad you had such a productive day.


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