The new dolls

31 Dec 2011


After the sparkles and dreams of snow and Santa Claus leading up to Christmas I now find myself in the middle of an Australian summer and the need for simplicity and coolness becomes the dream. 



Gabrielle 16" Floppy arm

My new dolls that will start to appear in a couple of weeks will be dressed in 
classic ginghams, polka dots, stripes and plains,
 simple playclothes just right for the long summer holidays and into autumn ( or spring if you are more northerly inclined)

summer dress



The oldest, for Rachel

I would love to make some children's clothes to match the doll clothes I make but I think perhaps that will stay a dream rather than become a reality.

 When I was a little girl I always wanted to have a dolly dressed just like me,
 we didn't have to look the same I just wanted the same clothes.

Mum did manage it a couple of times but she wasn't that keen on the idea.
 She would dress my little sister the same as me instead.

The girls, 1966

(All doll pictures are taken from the archives, these dolls already have homes)

One Response to “The new dolls”

  1. What beautiful dolls, Jenny. I look forward to seeing what you create in 2012. :-)
    Tracy LH


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