28 Dec 2011

Shackie, relaxing on the day after Boxing Day

So the time between Christmas and new year is a quiet time for us.
We don't have a shack to race off to,
everyone is on holidays,
and gradually the sleep in - breakfast late - hang around - life without a plan days become the norm.
It takes a while because Stephen and I both worked right up until Christmas, 
the kids are there already,
 Louis has been on holidays for 7 weeks, Andy for 3 and Kate for 2 
but us oldies will get there.

I really do treasure this time when we are all here together.
 Andy leaves home to go to Uni  this summer, big changes for him and for us. 
Kate will be the only one left at home. 
Big changes.

hydrangea time

4 Responses to “Relaxing”

  1. I know what you mean, it does take a while to wind down, but I am starting to get into it now.
    I remember when my first son went off to Uni, excitement and sadness all rolled into one. cheers Marie

  2. Those ARE big changes indeed. It does take a while to get into the relaxing mode, but once I'm there it's hard to drag me back! That kitty is adorable and I love her leafy perch!

  3. Happy Holydays! Love and Joy!

    Yes, the days between Christmas and New Year are so long and so slow... so full of hope...Just like the days between the time when you let your children start their own life and then are proud when they become adults...

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time off- sometimes it's nice just to be a homebody for a while :) Having an (almost) empty house will be scary at first, but I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it :D


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