Nanna nap

27 Dec 2011


 Glorious summer weather here but I am so tired today I haven't really made the most of it.
Some knitting, some reading , some snoozing and a little weeding.
Obviously I need a quiet time, it has been a busy year.
Or maybe I am reaching the age of the Nanna nap, such  a decadent luxury.

3 Responses to “Nanna nap”

  1. I always take the Nanna nap when I can sneak one in. I am not a Nanna yet :) but it doesn't matter ;-D

    Be blessed today...and rest,


  2. Hi Jenny!
    Yes, I love the term "Nana nap" and I plan on having one today.

  3. I do love a good Nana Nap, but I also love that magazine cover!
    Thanks for sharing.


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