19 Dec 2011


Monday morning, raining, house full even one sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
 I can hear my husband ironing his shirt ready to go to work but everyone else is home today.
The Christmas cake still isn't made but I found a recipe called the "Night before Christmas  cake" which has a whole jar of fruit mince in it so it should be yummy. 
I'll let you know.


 Most of my dolly  work is done but it is difficult to stop, it is so much a part of the rhythm of my day.
Some presents are organised some are not but we will get there.
The unsettled Christmas feeling of the past few years has disappeared and we are now enjoying an Advent where everyone helps make Christmas rather than just the mum.
 Christmas with teens and adults is good and just as full of twinkling eyes and secrets as Christmas with little ones, it's just different.

I hope your Christmas preparations are where you want them to be and if you are feeling stressed just remember this time next week will be Boxing day, one of my favourite days.


5 Responses to “hello”

  1. Hmmm...I'm trying to keep some perspective this year and not allow myself to become overwhelmed and stressed by the Christmas thing...not sure how well I'm doing!!

    I just love the 2 little chairs in the first picture and the bears sitting in them, reminds me of 2 old men at a camp site for some reason. I just want to know what they are talking about.

    Three of my children are still at school, not finishing until Wednesday. I can tell you we are well ready for the break, don't know why they are going this week, it seems so pointless really.

    It's raining here too, rained out the carols last night too.

    cheers Kate

  2. As my parents moved last weekend, leaving their home of 53 years to move to a retirement village, my husband & I are having the family Christmas lunch at our place. I'm partly organised & with help from my 2 sisters hope to make this lunch a stress-free event.
    I also love Boxing Day...a day to chill out and eat the leftovers.

  3. Oh will you be sharing your cake recipe Jenny? Anything with fruit mince is a must bake for me!

  4. Hi Jenny! I like your elf on the shelf!


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