Friday in summer

9 Dec 2011

drop what your doing, push out the chair 
and walk away from the tools that help you do what you do

head for the front  door past the Advent candles

it's cool on the front step and you just love that shade of purple with that shade of red

down the side path past the aggies, and the fuschias in their ballet costumes

be astounded as always by the sheer audacity of these poppies that plant themselves where they please,
 open all pink and fluffy and frivolous 
and then become these amazing seed pods.

always astounding

worry about the lobelia that seems uncertain growing in a pot surrounded by garden

back through the front door

past the slightly daggy advent calendar to the kitchen to put the kettle on 

and gaze out the back window while it boils
 and wonder when it was that you became a person with a couch and rug in the back garden
 and marvel at the buddleia which will not stop flowering.

kettle's boiled, tea's made, blog's written and I am feeling Friday in summerish.
maybe it's time for a G and T.

4 Responses to “Friday in summer”

  1. Sounds good, I'm running as fast as I can to join you. ;)

  2. I will always see the fuchsias in ballet costumes from now on.
    Thanks for the lovely walk.

  3. What a lovely post...maybe in a years time I can get some flowers to grow in my new the meantime I'll walk through the crunchy dry kangaroo grass...thinking of your fuchsias and poppies!

  4. i always enjoy these glimpses of your garden and the things you enjoy, aside from your dollies:-)


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