5 Dec 2011

My Dolly and Me, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin,1961

 since I was a small child,
 I have always been inspired by the beautiful illustrations in children's books.

Prayers for a Small Child, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin 1984

This time of year with so much else to think about I find my head is continually filling up with ideas and dreams of the dolls I will make next year.

Prayers for a Small Child, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin 1984

  They whisper to me, they slip into my head when I am trying to organise dinner or pay a bill or read a magazine

Little Mommy, Sharon Kane 1967

Hairstyles, little dresses, the tilt of a head,

Jenny's New Brother, illustrated by Joan Elsey, 1974. Little Golden Book

dolly beds, dolly chairs, sweet little bedrooms, 


quilts and rugs, books and toys, 
but most of all and always those innocent little faces, sometimes sweet, sometimes crabby,
sometimes wide eyed with wonder and sometimes sleepy and snoozy.

I can't wait for the New Year.

the last five pages of My Dolly and Me by Eloise Wilkin

all pictures are from here 

7 Responses to “Dreaming...”

  1. I love this post. I know what you mean about "dreaming"

  2. love Elouise Wilkins:) ALison

  3. and Tasha Tudor...and Lucy May Atwell...and...

  4. My most favorite childhood books were all from Eloise Wilkins :) I adore the illustrations.

  5. Same here, Jenny. Tasha Tudor and Joan Walsh Anglund two of my very favorites :-) Making a doll is like making the illustration come to life.



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