Doileys in the sunshine

1 Dec 2011


I have had a doileys in the sunshine kind of day.
( This is a good thing I think)
How about you?


8 Responses to “Doileys in the sunshine”

  1. Lovely! I have one identical to one of yours (the long oblong one on the left). Doilies are so pretty. xx

  2. That's a lot of doilys Jenny, did you just buy them?

    very rainy here, so no doilys in the sun, but cosily knitting inside.

  3. I have popped over from Natural Suburbia, I saw you title in the side bar and had to have a look. I have been making doily's lately and I am also called Jenni Wren :-) Lovely Doily's by the way!

  4. I loved freshly ironed and starched doileys. You have a lovely collection.


  5. Jenny I love this photo , your wonderful doilies and also the all wood drying stand ...
    What do you use doilies for ? We do not use them much here.. only paper ones to be kept below a freshly baked cake perhaps...

  6. so pretty! What do you do with all of them?

  7. Margo, I got these a school fair for about $1 , can't really remember. I washed them all and now I wait for inspiration and use some of them for what they were made for, under vases and things to protect the surface of the table or cupboard

  8. I just love your pictures! I love putting doilies anywhere and everywhere! $1.00 for all of them is an awesome deal!


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