Christmas really begins

16 Dec 2011


Finally getting some Christmas decorations up in the playroom.
These two little dudes have pulled their chairs up and are camping out under my little playroom tinsel tree until Christmas Day.

I do love the bright and shiny decorations as well as the more homespun ones.
 What can I say, I am a child of the 60s and grew up with a shiny silver aluminium Christmas tree, pretty tinsel and wonderful shiny glass decorations.
 Oh dear I did love that tree.
 I guess it's because it was so out of character, so bizarre really to have a normal loungeroom one day and the next to find a 4 foot tall shiny tree taking centre stage.


So last year I bought a little silver tree  for the Playroom which will see me through many years.
It is decorated simply with green and red jingle bells and cloth pinwheels that I made just for it.

We also have another artificial green tree as the main family tree, bought many years ago.
 I suggested we might get a real tree but just like me the children, now 14, 19 and 22 won't hear of changing the tree that inspired their Christmas dreams.
The day the tree goes up really is the start of Christmas in our house.


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