29 Dec 2011


No not business as usual yet.

The playroom is peaceful and calm and has had to be a bedroom for a little while because of a Christmas time guest.

The dollmaker needs a rest,

she needs to make sure that she spends time with her family just talking and laughing,

she needs to spend time in her garden, using her hands  to weed and pamper,

she needs to read,
 to walk,
 to breathe in summer and relax in its warmth and lack of routine.



 But any day now I will do a do an end of year tidy up, make sure all the bits and bobs from 2011 have been put away.

 I'll open my new note book, sharpen my pencil, make a sketchy plan for the New Year

 and then take some soft cotton tricot,

 some warm snuggly wool,

 my favourite needle,

 my reel of cotton

 and begin again.

The new dolls, so exciting.

my studio

3 Responses to “beginnings”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Year Jenny! Sounds like you're having a relaxing and much deserved break and I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely creations again when you return!

  2. Your way with words is just lovely.
    Balance is the word that comes to mind, seems you have found or created it in your life. Enjoy this peaceful time of the year.

    cheers Kate

  3. Your words paint a picture and warm my heart.
    Enjoy :)


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