8 Dec 2011


Amelia is an old doll, probably round 10 years old,.

Played with almost constantly in that time 
though the last couple of year have been more about sunbaking
 and hanging out in the playroom meeting the new dolls that have come to live here
 and watching other dolls come to life, and then be packed up and shipped off to their new homes.

Amelia mostly sits and watches.

  Sweet Amelia, the oldest doll, sunbaking

Made from simple cotton knit fabric and dyed skin colour with a mixture of strong black tea she is faded now and a little lumpy, but aren't we all. 

Her history shows, that's the way life goes.


She has a gingham heart on her foot to cover the nasty black tattoo Kate gave her and then instantly regretted.

She has been a crimson silk caped superhero in a princess dress and  sleepy go to bed baby in a flannel nightdress and everything in between.

It has been a full life.

But she is only resting you know.
 One day when I am a Gran and little ones come to visit Amelia will once again win hearts and cuddles and share secrets.

 One day. 

 super heroine with a red silk cape 

3 Responses to “Amelia”

  1. Hugs to Amelia! Sounds like an idyllic life so far... can't wait to see what future adventures she has :) xo Deb

  2. What a lovely story and a lovely doll.

  3. She is made more beautiful by her age and experience! My 22 month-old is playing with my 40 year old doll.

    Thinking of you.


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