a discovery

30 Dec 2011

Tidying the playroom, playing with this that and the other I found a bag of partly made dolls.

Tiny dolls made from organic undyed cotton knit fabric and stuffed with the softest, meltingly soft organic lambswool.

These dolls were destined for a market I think and now I am not sure what I will do with them.

My tidying is going well, little bits of Christmas are still hanging around my table.

Little discoveries like the headless dolls keep sidetracking me but Nicky Lad is trying to keep me focussed and everything will be tidied eventually.

4 Responses to “a discovery”

  1. I found a basket full of 8" dolls in progress...a whole outfit half-sewn for a baby...a few bonnets...lots of clothes cut up and ready to be serged...wooden dolls naked...all kinds of good findings!

  2. Awesome finds. I have been going through my Mums sewing stash, trying to organise .... can't believe some of the things I found ... interesting to say the least. She is not one to throw anything out!

  3. Hi Jenny! I wish you would share some tips with us (me) of how you keep your craft room clean, tidy and organized. I am going nuts, as soon as I get all inspired, I start pulling out and before I know it I am over my head in a mess. I know you know how to do it better! Please share with us. (me)
    Happy New Year! Love, De

  4. Ha ha ha De, my best tip is to only take photos of your work area when it's tidy. I have a very small space. I have baskets that hold fabrics and yarns that have just been used and are waiting to be put away. Once a project is finished I go through and put it all away. If I am working on a few things at the same time the piles get very high and messy but I have to have regular clean ups because my "studio" is the first thing you see when you walk into the living room area of the house.


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