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7 Nov 2011

Yesterday while Kate and I cruised the Deloraine craft fair
Stephen and Andy walked over deep chasms on wobbly log bridges.

Highlight of the craft fair, I have to say it was the second hand shops, galleries and Little Esther Grey in mainstreet Deloraine, the lovely river and woolly yarn bombed bridge and a good coffee at the deli that made our day.

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  1. Now that sounds like my kind of day!

  2. I missed out on the craft fair this year- wish I could have seen the yarn bombed bridge! Tassie wilderness is just breathtaking :)

  3. Missing you Jenny, I hope you are well.

  4. Please, I've looked and looked - what is the first picture of?

  5. The first picture is the view down into the chasm from the log bridge you see in the second picture.


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