where are you?

19 Nov 2011

If you are wondering where I have been
 or where I am today
 I have been busy making dolls for the Niche market
 which began yesterday and finishes today at 3pm ( an hour earlier than advertised)

Normal service resumes next week, I hope.


3 Responses to “where are you?”

  1. Mum will be very relieved to hear this! (Me too) Last night she said, "We haven't seen our Jenny Wren all week."

  2. I guessed that's what you were doing, although I wondered at first, then saw the countdown on your side bar.

    Hope it went well, and you'll tell us all about it when you recover.

  3. I was thinking the same thing...Where are you? Good to hear that you have just been extra busy and that no bad news has kept you away.


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