29 Nov 2011

I have discovered a new Australian/New Zealand  poet, well new to me but obviously someone who had an illustrious career. Douglas Stewart.

I did do two different English courses in Grade 11 and 12 but though we studied Kenneth Slessor we didn't touch on any of his contemporaries.

This morning Kate asked me if we had a book of Banjo Paterson poems and I am sure we do, it is a book with his poetry and someone's art but I couldn't find it. 
But I did find 'The Illustrated Treasury of Australian Verse, chosen by Beatrice Davis',
 a book I bought at the op shop some time ago and have never actually taken the time to look through properly.

Anyway this morning the book fell open at this Douglas Stewart poem and I just love it.

Domestic Poem

My wife, my life, my almost obligatory love,
Heaven forbid that I should seem your slave,
But perhaps I should say I saw you once in the garden
Rounding your arms to hold a most delicate burden
Of violets and lemons, fruits of the winter earth,
Violets and lemons, and as you came up the path -
Dark hair, blue eyes, some dress that has got me beaten - 
Noting no doubt as a painter their colour and shape
And bowing your face to their fragrance, the sweet and the sharp,
You were lit with delight that I have never forgotten.

Douglas Stewart

There are always so many treasures to discover.

2 Responses to “Treasures”

  1. What a great find :) That poem is really beautiful, I've actually never heard of Douglas Stewart before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this sweet poem, especially for first line.:)


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