22 Nov 2011


So I have a cold and the weather is cold. 
Summer has taken a break and we are pulling on winter woollies to keep the chills away.
 I have been looking longingly at the fire wondering whether it would be ridiculous to light it for a bit of comforting warmth.
 I guess it's good weather to have the sniffles so I can curl up under a blanket and knit and read through my lovely knitting book that arrived yesterday.
 Ordered so long ago and  produced with so much care and pride it is a treasure.

3 Responses to “cold”

  1. Thanks for the link, those models are just gorgeous. If I could do makeup like that I'd wear it.

    The knits looked gorgeous too.

    cheers Kate

  2. Hope you feel better soon :( I wish summer would arrive already!


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